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What information is needed to file my personal tax return?

Depending on your personal situation there are a number of applicable forms you will need to provide.

Tax Preparation Checklist for Individuals

Some of the documents you will need when you meet with us are: W-2’s 1099’s interest, dividends, retirement/pension, unemployment, sale of securities,  oil & gas interests, etc. Unemployment Income Statement K-1’s partnerships, S corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, estate, trusts, etc. (if we do your business return, we will generate the    K-1’s) Social Security Statements (SSA-1099) if you receive benefits Closing Statements for all real estate deals for buying and selling, including refinancing (points may be deductible and property taxes are often paid at time of refinancing) Estimated State and Federal Tax Payments- amounts paid and dates paid Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth taxpayers and dependents Basis of Securities Sold-provide the amount paid for the investment and the purchase date (unless provided by your broker) Investment Account Statements Mortgage Interest and Points Paid (Form 1098) Real Estate Taxes Paid ( personal residence and investment property) Mortgage Insurance Paid Charitable Contributions paid by check or credit card as well as noncash items (Goodwill), etc.  Also provide purchase price of donated items, mileage for volunteer work and volunteer expenses. Child Care Costs including names, addresses and social security number or federal identification number of provider Education Loan Interest 529 Plan Contributions Tuition Payments- college, graduate school, post high school education – Form 1098-T Health Insurance Premiums paid after tax or if self employed Long Term Care Insurance Contributions (Form 5498-SA)/Withdrawals to/from (Form 1099-SA) Medical Savings Account, Health Savings Accounts, IRA’s, SEP’s Simple Plans, and 401K’s Installment Sales- in the year of sale we need all documents; for following years we need to know the payments received Moving Expenses-job related Medical Expenses including mileage, lodging, prescription drugs, glasses, braces, etc. Family Changes- new spouses, new children and children who are no longer dependents New Address, Phone or E-mail Copy of three  Prior Year’s Tax Return (new clients only) Bank Account Information or balance due drafted- to have your refund direct deposited Individual Retirement Account contributions and withdrawalsPartnership, Estates, Trusts and S-Corporation income amounts (Form K-1) Sales Tax paid on Motor Vehicles Child and dependent care expenses paid for each child and payees name, address, and identification number Job related Expenses to include o Tools used in your job o Computers o Safety Equipment and clothing o Uniforms o Professional Journals and Periodicals o Union Dues Details of Capital Gains Transactions Detailed records pertaining to Rental Property and Proprietorship Businesses For more information, Contact us for a Tax Organizer

What information is needed to file my business tax return?

Depending on your business situation there are a number of applicable forms you will need to provide.

Tax Preparation Checklist for Businesses

Some of the documents you will need when you meet with us are: Copy of the Federal and State tax returns for the last three years (new clients only) Certificate and Articles of Organization Partnership Agreement IRS Form 2553 “S” Corporation Election and acknowledgement received from IRS Current period balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and general ledger Prior period balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and general ledger Schedule of Depreciable Assets including list of assets acquired and disposed of during the year List of all business owners including names, addresses, social security numbers, and percentages of ownership and date ownership acquired Details of capital contributions and distributions Details of related party transactions Copies of all 1099s, interest/dividend, stock transactions, bank interest payments Copies of payroll journals, W-2s and 1099s for the year Copies of prior year business personal property taxes Loan Closing Documents for business and real estate loans Amounts paid in estimated tax payments Details of Company Fringe Benefits Company vehicle information and use including vehicle leases Information on employee benefit plans, retirement plans, health insurance, etc. Meals and Entertainment expense Internal Revenue Service, State(s) Department of Revenue  correspondence received during the year List of any out of state activities Shareholder Basis Schedule and at-Risk Limitations Copies of any new minutes indicating change in ownership Contact us for more information